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Maribor Panorama
Slomsek Square

Marburg an der Drau

Distance from Pueblo: 5,517 mi
Population: 108,000 (2002)

Pueblo has a significant population of Slovenian descent. We are now pursuing a Sister City agreement with the City of Maribor. A delegation from Pueblo visited Maribor in 2004. We met with Mayor Boris Sovic, and discussed the possible activities to be carried on under the Sister Cities agreement.

Maribor developed in an area 270 meters above sea level beside the Drava River at the transition from the narrow Drava River Valley to the Maribor and Drava plains. It lies at the junction of five natural geographical regions: the hills of Slovenske gorice, the Kozjak mountain range, the Drava Valley, the Pohorje mountain range, and the Drava plain. It has an advantageous position at the juncture of roads and railways from Vienna to Trieste and Zagreb and through the Drava Valley toward Lendava, Ptuj, and Klagenfurt. The Municipality of Maribor has a population of around 133,000.